for Computer USB Arcade


Touchy Tech

Colour: Black
Material: plastic + electronic components
Use: Arcade pc game console control panel
Applicable types: PC, PS3, PS4, X-ONE
Interface type: USB interface, plug and play.
Model: PXN-0082
Connection type: Wired
Applicable system: compatible with Windows 2000/ XP/ Vista / 7/8/10
Input voltage: DC5V
Size: 25 * 17 * 4cm

1. Acrylic panel. There are four large powerful suction cup in the round base, which is large, stable and non-slip. And the rocker can point to 8 directions.
2. Appearance design: Ergonomic user-friendly key layout design; gather the advantages of JP,  EU, US versions' rockers, with more beautiful appearance and better user appearance.
3. And the rocker can point to 8 directions: up, down, left, right, upper left, lower left, upper right, lower right. It is a must for fighting game.With 8-direction rocker, you can smoothly attack and even make combo. With larger rotational range and excellent resilience, this product is highly recommended.
4. No delay: Using high-performance motherboard, chip and non-delay USB port, the joystick is virtually non-delay.
5. Quick attack: 100% use of arcade accessories makes close feeling and performance to arcade. (Please choose your joystick type according to the countries, areas, brands, sizes)
6. Smooth attack and combo. The specific ways and skills of combo are consistent with the arcade rooms.
7. Online Battle: support a variety of online platform battle, including Arcade Live / Lanyi Battle Platform / GGPO / NFBA, etc.
8. Free of drive: Plug and play. Remember to enter the game and set the keys when the simulator uses the joystick, so with the online game platforms.

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