1 Plastic Yellow New Computer Care Fan Base Computer Radiator


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Brand new and high quality.

Desktop computer motherboard support, AM2, AM3 / 940 pin motherboard support CPU fan bracket AMD motherboard watch, CPU fan shelf

Set for: shelves + floor + 4 screws

1 plastic lined backplane (under board)

4 screws (fixed on the shelves, motherboard, backplane)

Physical shooting (center hole distance of 95 mm, width 48 mm)

CPU is getting hot, the radiator is getting moreier and heavier, the motherboard PCB is getting thinner
The course of time, the motherboard slowly deformed, component connector bad contact, all kinds of strange problems with the resulting, how do?
This AMD / AM3 motherboard fixed bracket is designed for this, a special architecture design, the weight to the backplane and bracket to share the burden, to solve the problem, good results, work well, durable.
AMD heat sink special mother device to strengthen the backplane to prevent deformation of the motherboard.

This product is suitable for the following interfaces: AM2, AM2 +, AM3, AM3 + chipset for: C51, N61, N78, A760, A770, A780, A780, A880, A960, A990, A990, and A55 / A75 / A85 some models are also supported. If your board is other interface or model, please contact customer service and then shoot

Package Include:
1 × pcs

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